Worldwide mobile and tablet traffic is at an all-time high and search engines are rewarding brands and companies that have responsive websites.

Responsive web design ensures that websites display correctly on every device. This provides a fluid, intuitive user experience regardless of screen size. This best practice not only helps ensure that each website user has access to the same information and online tools, it also facilitates the commercial and brand awareness goals of a website. A website with responsive design from Cocomik can be depended on to function reliably, so that no user is ever left out of what your organization has to offer.


Whether a visitor connects to your site from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, a responsive website will adapt accordingly and its functionality will remain consistent, regardless of the device. For today’s fast-paced world, being without a responsive site can severely limit your traffic and lower conversion rates.


Though responsive web design is not a new standard, many organizations have not adopted it on existing sites. Given that so many people use smart phones and tablet devices to use the Internet, investing in responsive design is a wise idea. Organizations can lose significant traffic flow simply by having an unresponsive website. Since functionality is not ensured, each user may encounter different obstacles in using your website to its full advantage; poor conversion rates are a natural consequence. Our San Francisco website design team can help make certain that every page on your website is responsive and functional, thereby providing the best experience to each user. A responsive website is simply able to do more. For instance:

  • Information will be displayed in the correct hierarchy, allowing users to find what they are looking for
  • Images will scale as appropriate, thereby eliminating tedious resizing
  • Menus and other lists are maintained
  • Ecommerce functions are enhanced through increased usability



Your e-commerce store may be the primary source of your company’s cash flow. We craft your store to convert users into buyers using best responsive design practices.

Doing business online should be simple, convenient, and intuitive. A well-designed website from Cocomik will provide an exceptional user experience to an ever-growing audience of worldwide consumers. Your brand’s goods and professional services will become more accessible thanks to the WordPress-driven WooCommerce platform. This e-commerce interface is a natural part of responsive web design best practices; we can ensure that your customers have an exceptional experience while navigating your website and its storefront.


WooCommerce is the current global market leader among all e-commerce platforms and accounts for an estimated 49% of the world’s online storefront applications.* Developed by Woothemes, WooCommerce is a stable, secure, and responsive e-commerce infrastructure that provides the same level of service to small businesses and startups that large organizations already enjoy. The Cocomik team has provided storefront options along with exceptional web design for San Francisco Bay Area designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Storefront functions are an excellent way to boost brand visibility while maximizing website potential.


WooCommerce provides all the tools necessary to create a distinctive sales experience for your users. This flexible platform lets our clients:

  • Manage inventory
  • Add variations and customization options
  • Control worldwide shipping options
  • Sell physical goods, digital products, and professional services through a user-friendly interface

Online storefronts allow customers to shop at their leisure; people appreciate the convenience of being able to do business from anywhere, at any time. Goods-based businesses cannot afford to lose the global market reach that ecommerce makes available. Rather than setting up shop on electronic real estate controlled by another organization, consider integrating proven commerce solutions into your own website.



Strategically optimize your website to connect with your audience, improve conversion rates and become a leading authority in your field or marketplace.

Your handsome, responsive new website is just the beginning when it comes to staying competitive online. You also need to market your site to build the trust and authority needed to rank higher in search engines, be found by potential customers and convert site visits into new business. Cocomik’s new SEO and online marketing services can provide just that. Cocomik’s SEO and online marketing offering is designed to fit into any client’s online business strategy, helping them perform better on search engines and bring in more qualified traffic and leads to their site. Each campaign is customized to your goals, using a mix of traditional SEO practices—such as keyword research, SEO copywriting, and link building, to name a few—as well as other strategies, such as content marketing and conversion optimization. Blending these online tactics and techniques, we work together with you to create a strategy that’s built for your needs and, more importantly, the needs of your target audience.


While each campaign we create is different, here’s a sample of what many of our online marketing campaigns include:

  • On-page SEO improvements that will make it easier for search engines to crawl and rank your site.
  • Keyword research to discover and utilize terms your customers are using to find you.
  • Content testing & optimization, which will determine if there are ways to improve your site’s ability to not only rank better but to help better convert searchers into customers.
  • Off-site marketing and linkbuilding, which will help build your site’s brand and authority, thus increasing your rankings and putting your brand in front of new audiences and potential customers.
  • Online marketing consulting to help develop new strategies and ideas to further improve qualified traffic to your site.

We create each SEO and online marketing campaign differently to maintain the flexibility needed to work with any small- and medium-sized business. No matter what your online marketing goals are or how you’re business is set up, Cocomik can fit into it and provide the planning, content, design and SEO knowledge needed to successfully generate new leads online.